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LED Video Wall Installation

LED Wall 21 is a trading name of 21st Century AV who have over 20 years of experience delivering some of the most incredible AV solutions across the UK.

Through the years we have developed in-depth experience of LED video wall installation.  We offer a full service from presales design in either Autocad or Star Draw through to bespoke 1 or 3-year service and Support contracts to maintain your equipment.

An LED video wall installation combines multiple LED panels into a single image or even multi-image displays.

The technology that we implement behind the scenes ranges from a simple daisy chain of LED displays through to specialist scaling and mapping engines to manipulate the on-screen display.

LED Video Wall Installation: A Complete Guide

Implementing an LED video wall installation can quickly become overwhelming without expert help. It takes a lot of time, energy and technological knowledge to make sure your project ends up working the way you want it.

To help get you started we have pulled together a quick checklist that you can use when speaking with us about your project.

What’s good is that there are experts like us to help make the installation quick and painless. 

However a lot of the time we know that people like to research a project for themselves before speaking with companies to help deliver it.  We appreciate that when it comes to an LED video wall installation, being prepared is the key to success.

We strongly recommend that you have a plan in place when deploying a video wall and once you are ready, give us a call and we can help you deliver your project.

How To Put Up A Video Wall: A Quick Checklist

1.) Design with your internal team a layout and concept that fits your requirements.

2.) Buy the necessary displays and mounts from a reputable supplier like us. (Note: monitor mounts must allow artistic mounting so make sure you get the right ones) 🙂

3.) Unbox displays and lay them out on the floor

4.) Roughly mark out the final dimensions on the space identified for the LED video wall installation (Mainly marking out the corners of the total canvas so you can stand back and assess.  Masking tape is good for this) 


5.) Attach the mounts to the displays and also the wall mounts while the displays are inverted.  Use the location of these to transfer the corners of each mount bracket to the wall. You can do this with a large sheet of tracing paper or other means

6.) Tape your template to the wall.

7.) Find and mark out the studs in the wall.

8.) Work out where to mount the rails, drill all the holes and anchor properly for the weight of the video wall. Anchor to studs where possible and use anchor bolts where it is not.

9.) Mover the displays onto their housing on the wall.

10. )Adjust and fine-tune the spacing.

11.) Install the power bars, zero-clients etc.

12.) Power on.

13.) Calibrate.

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